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Cleopatra queen of slots is another egyptian themed game. The games design is very appealing because players are transported back to the origins of the genre. The reels are situated along the left side of the screen, and the symbols are in the form of the sarcophagus and all the symbols and are the same as the pyramid, and match wars. The scatter symbols and wild cards can be worth paying up to get when they can land on the first line. They are not only pay-related prizes, but also. You can find the games that you have on top left by the wild symbol to substitute, and get in play free games. Once 3 wishes are in one, you get 15 spins, with even more interesting symbols, and the more money, the better. If youre are not feeling the lucky, you should can try for free spins your own genie in this game, which is as well represented as you will with the bonus features.

Cleopatra Queen Of Slots Online Slot

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